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Small beginnings

We've been there

Nancy & Lewis got hitched on Waiheke Island in very uncertain times.​

It was early 2020.  The world was closing up and locking down.  Borders were closing and travel was becoming impossible.

In the week leading up to the wedding, the guest list was cut from 140 to 30 people, and none of Lewis' family was able to make it to New Zealand.

Luckily the groomsmen knew a thing or two about live streaming, and from the little spot on the hill and under the tree at The Batch Winery, Nancy & Lewis were able to include all those stuck overseas in their special day.  And so WeddingCast was born.

We are the industry's leading live stream provider in New Zealand, and we've been pretty busy over the last 12 months helping other people like ourselves.  Being situated in the free-moving society of New Zealand during Covid times, we've honed our wedding storytelling, and developed our technology to solve the problem of closed borders for those who still wish to tie the knot. 

Streaming pros

Live streaming Nancy & Lewis' wedding was actually a no-brainer.  We've already been live streaming for yonks!

Before the weddings, Lewis and James ran a pretty neat live streaming service from Auckland.  From the New Zealand government to ESPN, and everything in between, we have a solid streaming CV and continue to push the technology on a daily basis.  The streaming industry is fast-changing like many technologies, and we are at the forefront in New Zealand.

Unlike many wedding vendors, we mastered our craft long before we entered the wedding industry, and as we develop and evolve with the changing times, WeddingCast DIY will also grow and continue to lead the industry.

How it Works

We bring all the necessary gear with us on the day and set up in advance, ensuring that our cameras are perfectly positioned to suit your ceremony.  Our people blend in like wedding ninjas throughout your celebrations to capture the highlights without themselves being captured.

Our camera operators are highly experienced in livestream and live television, and bring the mastery of their craft to smoothly follow the festivities.  Our various packages offer different numbers of cameras, and we can be flexible if there are special requirements.

Behind the scenes, if your package includes a director, we're cutting between shots just like a television show.

In most cases we simply hook into the internet at the wedding venue, but no location is too challenging.  We're capable of working in some pretty remote places, even if your venue is a secluded beach with no power supply.  

If your wedding is on Earth, we've got you covered. 

My venue doesn’t have internet, what do I do?

While the most reliable results are delivered through a solid line connection, we also use 4G cell networks to make sure nothing gets in the way of your big day. If you've gone all out in a remote location where even cell phone reception struggles to reach, we can create a microwave link to a connection up to 10 kms away. Nothing is impossible.

Do you include audio?

Yes. As standard we supply full audio capability to our streams. Every wedding is different, and we’ll work with you beforehand to figure out the best way to rig your day. Whether it’s shotgun mics, wireless lapel mics or line feeds from the venue PA, we’ll use the best solution available to make sure your viewers get a premium sound experience. They’ll hear clearer than those in the front row.

I don’t want my wedding photos to be full of equipment and cameras...

If you'd like us to maintain a subtle presence, then a subtle presence is what we will maintain. For many couples, the livestream element is part of the story of their day, but of course you don't want clunky gear and cables getting in the way! Our people and equipment will blend into the background and be as far enough back to not distract, while being close enough to capture the magic.

How many people can watch my stream?

There are no limits on viewers on any of our packages. Share your wedding stream with as many people as you like, and download it as many times as you like afterwards.

I don’t know how to use live stream equipment

Not a problem. All our services include the expertise of an on-site technician, and off-site monitoring to ensure your stream is going out smoothly. No need to worry about any of the tech stuff, we’ve got it covered!

Do I have to wear a microphone on my wedding dress?

No need! We have plenty of audio coverage, enough to catch clear vocals from both bride and groom, and everyone involved in the ceremony.

I would like to cover more than just the ceremony, can this be done?

Of course! The magic of a wedding doesn't stop after you've walked down the aisle... there are toasts to make! Our packages are all flexible; we'd be glad to cover the celebrations afterwards so your remote guests can soak up some of the extras. There is a small fee for this, but let us know what you need covered and we'll figure it out together.

Can I watch the stream back straight away?

Yes! As soon as the live stream is finished, you and your viewers can go all the way back and relive the action in your own time.

What’s the difference between basic and full graphics?

Our lite package offers basic graphics, which comprise basic titles so the folks watching know who’s speaking.


Full graphics are included in all our other packages, and are customised to match your wedding invites and stationery. They comprise of animated baselines, titles and holding cards, all in the style you have already chosen for your wedding day. Seamless!


Where have our weddings been viewed?

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