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Two-Way Streaming

Clink glasses with your remote guests…

Two-Way Streaming is perfect for any situation where your key guests are unable to make the big day. With Two-Way Streaming, we are able to bring people into the celebrations virtually. Whether it’s your Best Man, Maid of Honour, parents or grandparents, we can shrink the distance in between and bring them into your day.

We bring along our own AV system (or work with the venue’s equipment), and get your remote guests linked in on a big screen. Anyone stuck overseas or unable to make it can make a speech LIVE.

Imagine a scaled-up conference call, where everyone

can see and hear each other.

With a spot of magic, we integrate the live remote speeches into the actual live stream so everyone else can watch and listen too - all with clean audio and vision.

We absolutely love the reaction between people when they watch the whole ceremony, with close ups, and then give a raucous speech at the reception… all without actually being there. Two-Way Streaming has become a very popular addition to many couples’ streaming packages, and for great reason.

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