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The DIY Package


DIY Phone


Stream from an app
Unlimited testing
Premium web page

The DIY Package is ideal as a low-cost option with a professional look.  It is what it says on the tin; stream your wedding yourself via an app to a premium WeddingCast webpage.

Instead of sending your guests to YouTube or Facebook Live, give them a slicker experience with WeddingCast.  Those larger platforms will filter your live content for copyright infringements, and cut your stream if any commercial music is played.  Not a great experience for the viewers when the stream stops as soon as your aisle song comes on!  WeddingCast DIY does not have any copyright filters, so nothing to worry about when compiling your Spotify playlist.

Because we believe in playing it safe, we offer unlimited testing with the DIY Package, and will guide you along with way to make sure you get the best out of the internet connection at your venue.

We strongly recommend testing the internet speed at your venue before you book this package.  To test effectively, position yourself in the exact spot you'll be streaming from on the day, connect your device to the WiFi or use 4G, and visit the link below to run a speed test.  The result will tell you which connection method is the strongest.

We recommend an upload speed of at least 5 Mbps to stream in HD.

Looking for a pro videographer to handle video, audio and internet connection?

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